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Keg storage

Where do you plan to store the beer kegs and gas tanks?

  • Under the bar counter, on the floor or
  • In a stand-alone purpose built refrigerator with enforced shelves or
  • In a cold storage (either air-con or chilled)

If you want to learn more about pros and cons of these options please contact us. 
When the kegs are stored away from the bar we need to install:

  • A beer pump, one for each beer running on either CO2 or compressed air.
    If the beer is running on mix gas (CO2-N2) there is no need for a beer pump.
    When the kegs are stored away from the bar a proper beer pump is needed to push the beer through the python (what is a python, click here).
  • FOB (= Foam On Beer) Detector
    A FOB detector shuts down beer flow when keg empties. This eliminates the spitting and spraying that usually happens when a keg "blows". No need to refill lines after opening new keg. Eliminates foam and wasted beer. Remember foam is beer (and beer = money).

Both beer pumps and FOBs are mounted on steel board using top quality fittings and beer lines from John Guest It is possible to pour beer from 2 taps coming out of only 1 keg. Please fill free to contact us to learn more. 

Gas tanks should preferable be stored outside the cold storage.

For some projects a refrigerator is required to store the kegs cold. There are some challenges with this set-up especially if the new kegs are not chilled in advance. Changing temperatures can cause foam problems.

As it takes time for a refrigerator to cool down a warm keg an ice bank cooler can be added to ensure cold beer at the tap.

The ice bank cooler’s agitator will provide cold water for the water circulation in the beer tower(s).